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Recently decided to overhaul my HTPC. Threw the hardware together, figured I'd put Vista on it since I really want to set it up and get a few years out of it like the last couple HTPC's I've built...

I have a BC4852 raid card with a 2TB array full of media and Vista sees the hardware but won't let me at the drive.

I've read a post or two on the web about people who have this working but haven't been able to get any info from anyone as to how.

Broadcom / Ciprico says the 2.1 drivers should work and that proper Vista drives will be out in August (!!).

Not sure what to do - I'm without the HTPC while I finish this and it really controlled the theater. Wife Acceptance Factor is taking a hit

Am really not wanting to go go through the effort of setting the whole thing up from scratch with XP, only to upgrade it to Vista again in a few months.

If it matters, hardware list:

P5BDeluxe Wifi


400GB SATA for OS, programs/utilities/databases

BC4852 controlled array for media storage


TV Wonder 650

Really appreciate any help!

-tired guy
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