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Broken links in the forum FAQ--please stop sending me PMs on this!

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I am suddenly getting a bunch of PM's from people asking me about the broken links in the Forum FAQ thread.

Please be advised that I'm no longer a moderator in this forum (and haven't been for almost six months!) and I do not have the thread access required to fix these issues.

Please PM one of the current moderators (Dimi, Kysersose or madpoet) if you are having any issues.

Thank you!
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Heh, everyone tell Scott you're sorry and you miss him and how much nicer he was than I am ;)

Seriously,I corrected a bunch of them to the archived stuff but likely missed some. PM me if you find them.
I'll also be willing to take a look at them.

Sorry for the mixup Scott!
No problem... I have mail notification turned on for personal messages and I was startled to suddenly see a bunch of e-mails from AVS!
I'm one of the pests that sent a PM- picked on Scott because he is listed as the author of the FAQ sticky note. Could that be edited to read "AVS Forum" or something generic like that ?
i'm guilty as charged also, sorry scott, i'm new in the under 3500 forum and i didn't realize you were not the mod here, just went by the author of that thread.
Unfortunately without creating an entirely new thread, I can't change the author.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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