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I'm helping my friend install two Russound CAV6.6's that he purchased used off of Craigslist but we've run into some problems getting sound to show up on all the speakers outputs.

The manual says that even with no programming, you should hear sound coming out of all the speakers when you select the same source. The first unit (we'll call it A) has speaker outputs 2, 3, 5 working but not 1, 4, or 6. The second unit (B) has none of the speaker outputs working. Everything is connected according to the diagrams in the manual (Cat5, RCA cables, etc...). All keypads are working.

We've tried:
  • Testing all the speakers & speaker cables to make sure they work (connecting all the speaker cables to speaker output #5 one at a time)
  • Resetting both units A & B to factory settings

I'm beginning to think that maybe the units were broken before they were bought and I'm also curious to know if it's possible for only some of the speaker outputs to work and not the others.

My friend thinks maybe we need to use the software that came with it and hook a computer up to it (serial connector) to get it to work.

Any information you folks could give us would help out greatly. Thanks!
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