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Browser based UI for Bluesound and BluOS enabled devices

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Looking for a browser-based controller for your Bluesound player, or for your BluOS enabled devices, including from NAD, Dali and Monitor Audio? Head on over to myplayer for a web UI which provides control of the BluOS devices in your network, offering play queue management, search/browse, grouping/transfer (if you have multiple devices) as well as displaying the quality and bitrate of the current source.

This UI is especially useful for running in the browser on a Smart TV, providing control of the device, and visibility of the artwork, song progress, play queue, etc. as shown in the following screenshots:
Product Font Screenshot Sunglasses Software
Font Screenshot Poster Graphics software Art

Built using the BluOS API, what started out as an experimental project has turned into something I rely on daily, and hope you enjoy it too 😎
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Hi, is there a way to get a simple version of this for private use? I had a look into the API documentation but, sure I'm not a real developer but also tried to get only the recent album/track cover art shown via webbrowser and refreshed with any track change... but without success.... Perhaps you can share some information about ;-)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts