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Bryston 4B-NRB vs 4B-ST

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Just wondering if anyone can comment on the differences between the bryston 4B-NRB and the 4B-ST. I'm currently looking at a used 4B NRB. It is approx 7 years old (manufacture 1993).

What is an amp like that worth? What difference exist between it and the current 4B-ST?


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There's an extensive discussion archived over on Audio Asylum. http://www.AudioAsylum.com/audio/gen...ges/31993.html
Thanks for the info.. do you people think $1500 canadian is high/low/about right for a 4B-NRB of this age?


$1,500 Canuck is a fair price.

I always use Audiogon to get current used "street" pricing. Being Canadian, your Canadian selection for used hi-fi is limited. There is a heavy premium for buying used stuff from the US. I always use a multiplier of 1.8 to get a US priced item legitimatly to my doorstep:

1.5 for currency exchange x 1.03 for Brokerage x 1.15 for PST & GST + shipping = about 1.8 !

If you can by used local, you do not pay your 15% PST & GST, so keep that in mind.

Yes, NRB's can be upgraded to ST's, but the final price is much more than buying a used 4B-ST to begin with. I have spoken with Bryston myself on the 4B subject, and they indicate that the sonic difference is not insignificant. I suggest you try an hear a 4B-ST to begin with. Minor upgrades are always more costly.

( ... now if you need a pair of used 7B-NRB's , send me an email ! )

- Andy
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Hey Andy,

Thanks for the advice, the seller mentioned that it can be upgraded (he said for somewhere around $600), I just emailed bryston to find out the exact price.

I'd love to own a pair of 7B-NRB's, however I don't think my budget would allow it (unless you are selling them seriously discounted). Although I just did sell my infiniti, instead of another car I could just go for a big audio upgrade http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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