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BTSignalcheck is a trivial utility program for helping to show an A/V receiver

or amp OSDs via a BT8x8 TV capture card on a HTPC screen (a projector, in

most cases). It is intended to run in conjunction with WinTV2000; when

started, it will use the DScaler driver library to monitor the "Video Signal

present" status line of the BT8x8 chip, and if it detects missing video, it

will terminate the running WinTV2k application and exit itself.

The grand idea is that you use a IR receiving Utility (like, say, Girder) to

watch for remote control events which cause the OSD of your A/V unit to

appear, then start WinTV2k and have it automatically go away again when

the OSD is turned off by the A/V unit.

Here is a small batch file illustrating it's usage:

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