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My neighbor has a beautiful monstrosity of a dish in his backyard. It was there when he purchased the home and now it is just an unsightly rusted hulk that his wife is apopletic (sp?) about.

He asked me to help him remove it, but I have no clue about how to go about doing it. Are there any sources of information about installing or removing this 8' beast?



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I just subscribed to a C-Band package and what great prices. This package is called Ultraview from NPS programming .

For $259 (limited time) , I am getting just about all the "basic cable" channels available, where as some even have both the East AND West feeds.


the SHOWTIME pak, which includes both the analog and a total of 26 digital Showtimes, The Movie Channel, Flix and Sundance. Not bad for about $26 a month, I couldn't believe it.......

C3-101 Showtime East

C3-102 Showtime 2 East

C3-103 Showtime 3 East

C3-104 Showtime Extreme East

C3-105 Showtime Beyond East

C3-110 FLIX East

C3-111 The Movie Channel East

C3-112 The Movie Channel 2 East

C3-117 Sundance Channel East

C3-118 Showtime High Definition East

C3-125 Showtime Next East

C3-126 Showtime Familyzone East

C3-127 Showtime Women East

G10-101 Showtime West

G10-102 Showtime 2 West

G10-103 Showtime 3 West

G10-104 Showtime Extreme West

G10-105 Showtime Beyond West

G10-110 FLIX West

G10-111 The Movie Channel West

G10-112 The Movie Channel 2 West

G10-117 Sundance Channel West

G10-120 Showtime High Definition West

G10-125 Showtime Next West

G10-126 Showtime Familyzone West

G10-127 Showtime Women West

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If I recalled back in 1994 the word was C-Band, the big dish, was on its way out when RCA released the DSS system. Subscriptions dropped over time mostly due to people wanting convenience and didn't care or know about picture quality.

Majority of people don't realize that Directv and Dish Network along with the cable company supplies 2nd generation video broadcasts.

Anyone that has a C-Band satellite tv system receives the feeds directly without the middle man..... This results in master broadcast picture and sound quality.

So C-Band can not die because these are the satellites where most programming originates.

And all those feeds......
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