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buddy holly Wal-Mart

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Haven't seen anyone mention this, so....I bought Buddy Holly Story (Gary Busey) at Wal-Mart for $5.50. It is wide screen anamorphic and PQ is great. Great movie also. Great soundtrack, but the audio suffers a little. Only a little. But then again, it was made in 1978.

Highly recommended movie
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I would't shop at WAL MART if someone had a gun to my head.ANTI LABOR slave drivers! J.H.
Thanks for the tip.

J.H. what an assinine statement in a forum about digital software. It doesn't belong here. You can hate Walmart all you want but this forum is not the place for you to vent about it. If you want to talk about how great labor unions are do it on a left wing political forum, not AVS.
Wal-Mart has, I believe, been instrumental in getting merchants to price DVDs where most of us can afford to buy, rather than rent.

And ... their peanut-butter-filled pretzel bites are delish!! :D
All I ask is that people question why prices are so low.Yes low prices are great but at what cost to the population.We all spend are hard earned money on A/V gear regardless of how we made that money.I just ask we question the reason prices hit all time lows.I did not mean to offend annyone.I'm sorry If I did. J.H.
great movie, nifty little disc.

i think this was the third movie i bought on dvd.

i can't believe how cheap these things have become.

seems like so many movies i popped $20 are now going for $5 at various retailers.

and then there are the movies that i delay purchasing, hoping they will get a similar price drop, that merely go out of print.

now if they would only release Foolin' Around. :p
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what a great movie. thanks for the tip. now i can replace my vhs tape which i have worn out. always almost brings me to tears at the end....they did the end perfectly in my opionon.
J.H.: you are not alone. Prices and AV software do not exist in a vacuum. There is nothing wrong with suggesting that people be more aware of what they are supporting, although your words could have been chosen better.

The Walmart issue was debated at length in one thread already, but the truth is out there for anyone to read. It is by no means a simplistic "left" vs "right" debate, although that is just how Walmart would like to try and frame it, so that their behavior can be seen as philosophically debatable rather than just wrong (and in some cases, illegal).
Thank you MOORE.It should not be a LEFT/RIGHT issue.Its a quality of life issue.Everyone is entitled to a livable wage.It not a LABOR UNION issue.Its a LOBOR issue.Thanks again MOORE. J.H.
Well, unfortunately you are also connecting it rather strongly to a political stance, which is simply not necessary in this case, and indeed is talk best avoided in this forum, since we all have different political views which are not reconcilable.

Enron is not a partisan political issue. They were a pack of thieves (the Ken Lay people, not the bulk of their employees). Walmart is not that bad but it's the same concept.
Your talking about Walmarts bin only Amazon.com has this same 4.0 anamorphic 1.85:1 DVD for $22+ how did you ever get it for $5.50, this's unbeliveable that price was for wrapped new editon *not* a reseller of amazon.com!

Yeah, there were several (25 or so) in the $5 dollar bin. This is not a "new edition", didn't even know there was one. In fact, the date on the DVD case is 1999. It has the orginal 4 channel and two channel DS. The DVD claimed it has been digitally re-mastered. The PQ looks great on my projector.

The Wal-Mart was in Bellingham, WA


Just checked AMAZON.com, it is the same version Wal-Mart is selling. Great deal
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Yep, I picked this up yesterday as well, and I NEVER find anything good in the cheap bin. The best online price is still nearly $20 shipped, so this was a great deal. On a similar note, I noticed another new one I might go back for, Peggy Sue Got Married. Another anamorphic transfer that goes for around $19, only $5.50 at Wallyworld.:D
I sure do hope the glasses they are wearing are the ones they are pricing things with expecially DVD, great luck friend.:)
Wal Mart is great for what it is...(and I even worked there when I was a young pup and everyone I worked with made a "living wage" too.)
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