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heya.. I'll cut right to the chase, am looking for a suitable relatively cheap HDTV with the following specific use-cases:

*Devices: connected to a computer via hdmi, connected to a seperate TV digital decoder via hdmi. ATM no seperate sound system, so I'd prefer the built-in speakers don't outright suck.

*Material: HTPC will be outputting bluray/mkv/dvd/divx with a 60/50hz 1080p signal; the decoder is PAL digital TV and sends out 576i-1080i or 720p, depending on the settings (changeable). Am not a big fan of interpolated pictures so probably will leave the 100hz+ modes off most of the time - almost never look at sports. In the future might connect a media tank like the HDX or Popcorn to it.

*Will probably do some casual games on the puter (no consoles) so low inputlag is a plus but not a definite requirement.

*Environment: no direct sunlight will be able to reach the screen, but the room is pretty bright during daytime.

With the relatively tight budget and using hdtvtest.co.uk reviews as a guide, narrowed it down to 3 models atm:

*Samsung LE40B750 (940)

*Sony KDL-40W5500 (930)

*Panasonic TX-P42G10 (1050)

I don't posses any calibration equipment.

The panasonic is slightly over budget and 2 inches larger, but given the good reviews I'm considering it. On the other end of the scale maybe I could get by with a LE40B550/B650 for only (640/840) - since I don't really care much about "internet services" and "interpolated frames", which leaves me with some money to invest in a decent sound system.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Combed through the reviews and made some notes. Eliminated the B750 for not providing a substantial benefit over the B650. What I end up with is 2 displays that have several key benefits but key disadvantages as well, and 1 that is a jack of all trades but a master of none.

Still have a hard time deciding, so if there's anything that I missed, be my guest.

P42G10E (price 1050)

+Lowest input lag

+Very good speakers

+2 more inches real estate

=Plasma and all its benefits in color and motion, negatives in brightness and reflection

-Power consumption still double that of a good LCD

-Baseline noise (fans + plasma buzz)

-Relatively bad presets, more tinkering needed, also break-in/anti-burn-in/... procedures?

-Relatively bad video processing, especially when dealing with interlaced sources

-Most expensive

KDL-40W5500 (price 930)

+semi-matte display

=Most accurate presets in cinema mode, but chromacity errors (red push, green tilted to blue) not really fixable

=middleman input lag

=Very good scaling and film deinterlacing, but bettered by the B650 in video deinterlacing -- above average interpolation

-clouding/mura issues, but not very noticeable

-backlight bleed, quality control issues??

LE40B650 (price 840)


+Very extensive controls, reference level image relatively easy attained,

+Very good video processing

+Very good DLNA format support, can even decode 1080p MKVs

-Input lag among the worst

-Speakers bad cfr the competition

-Reflective display negates key benefit of LCD (bright room viewing)

All 3 supposedly do not have any telecine judder when fed with 1080p24.

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If you get an LCD 40 inches or less is perfect because the lack of motion is not so apparent but I can clearly see it. If you go plasma the Panny is a good choice.

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Hmm read some more threads:

*KDL-40W5500 has severe quality control/design issues, backlight bleed and mura problems, eliminated from the list unless someone convinces me otherwise

*B650 screen, while lauded everywhere for its colors, video processing and inky blacks, is more glossy than I imagined and input lag even in game mode is really severe

*This puts the plasma on top, but since it will be used as a pc display, all the talk about flickering, breaking it in, temp and perm IR and green ghosting still has me running "scared"

Jeez, you just can't have it all
Am I overlooking another option, Phillips PES series perhaps?

If no other input comes along, I guess the G10 will come out as the winner, despite the aforementioned caveats. Guess I didn't wait long enough to jump on the HDTV train

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you will start to notice input lag only after 30ms,so the sony KDL-40W5500 seems to be a safe bet,it also has a semi-matte screen which will help in you noticing those deep blacks,i mean what good is a tv with deep black levels if you can only notice it in a dark room,since with the reflections and glare in a bright room ,you will no longer see those deep blacks and the shadow details in parts of the screen that reflects light.

also samsung performance varies with the panel used,it uses upto 3 different panels,each varies in contrast,off axis viewing,input lag,color.

the plasma is No in my book its used with PC and reflects more.
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