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I have a 5.2.4 set up with Emp Tek towers and a Marantz SR-6010. The noise floor on the SR-6010 is actually pretty good. I have been stealing my stereo receiver to power my rear heights but I want to get something to power my front left and right since I need something anyways.

My space is around 3700 cubic ft but is also open to my upstairs. I sit around 9 feet from my speakers. I get some noise when I get to around 60ish on the volume dial. Not a lot but it is one of those things that bother me when listening to music.

I would like to spend $200-$250 (with shipping). And am good with used. There is Nada in my area on craigslist so I am more looking for suggestions for amps to look for.

I am considering something like the Rotel RB-981 or RB-980 which have signal to noise ratio of 116db or 120db (can't recall which). Obviously these are older amps but that doesn't bother me.
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