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Hi everybody, this is the 1st time I post here.

I have a $600 budget to buy a home theater system. Here's what I want;

- Hook up to Fios, Philips 42" LCD HDTV, PS3 (I don't need an iPod dock, but I don't mind if the system comes with it)

- Wi-Fi connection to Netflix and Pandora (since my PS3 isn't a US version, it can't connect to Netlfix due to regional setting)

- It plays Blu-Ray.

I've been spending a lot of time researching and reading customer reviews. The info really holds me back from putting a system in the cart. I don't stick to 5.1 or 7.1. I planned to buy the Panasonic SC-BTT750. But later I found that the Onkyo HT-S5300 plus a WI-FI enabled BR player give me more flexibility to expand in the future and the quality seem to be better. However, there're numerous complaints about the Onkyo system. It really holds me back.

I also looked at the LG and Samsung systems, the reviews ain't good either and I doubt their sound quality. The Sony system is just overpriced.

So would anybody give me some advice on which system to buy? It should be reliable and I wanna avoid the going back-and-forth to the service center. I don't mind adding an extra $100 if the quality is worth the money. Any input is appreciated.
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