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83" G2, 48" LG C1, Denon S760H, 5.1.2 Infinity Primus + Bic PL200
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Im selling my Samsung 60in plasma and getting the Epson Home Cinema 2000 ($829 + $100 Amazon credit).

Will be used in a living room setting, all white walls. During the day, light viewing such as Netflix or something may be played, but mostly getting it for movie viewing (3D too), and occasional gaming.

HC gray seems to be the best option as any light will come from the sides or behind the edges of the screen, and the high brightness / lack of contrast from the projector.

To do fixed frame, I would have to mount it on arms away from the wall, or on ceiling hooks (screw in eye hooks and attach a string of some kind?). I don't really want pull down as I want a perfectly flat screen. Tensioned seems to be over the budget.

Budget was around $200, but will max out under $300. Less is better though since Im selling the plasma at a large loss, and trying to pocket some money.

EDIT: had the 2.35:1 to 16x9 thing backwards, have to go 16x9 I guess.

Elitech has a 100" 16:9 for $200 shipped,

Or an electric pull down for $240, not tensioned

I also thought about going with one of these Carls Place materials to wrap around 1" PVC pipe and bungee tie it on the back side.

Not too sure how that would turn out though. Would be light weight and easy to disassemble/reassemble, but not sure if there would be creases or waves. Also not sure how I would black out the borders.

Just looking for any recommendations for the above, or any others.
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