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I am recently considering to buy a home theater and my budget is about $600.

I have several options:

1. I've read a lot good reviews about onkyo 6100 so this is my priority so far.

2. I see some good deal locally selling a pair of infinity RS4, a matching Infiniti Center (I dont know the model number but the seller says it matches RS4) and a JBL PSW1200 sub for $200. I have a pair of mission M34 so I can use them as surround and then add a onkyo 606 receiver.

3. Fluance AVHTB for $200+60 shipping and buy a sub and a onkyo 606 receiver.

The second option is the cheapest and seems Infinity has good reputation for good SQ.

Can somebody give me some advice?

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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