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budget home theater option

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I am recently considering to buy a home theater and my budget is about $600.

I have several options:

1. I've read a lot good reviews about onkyo 6100 so this is my priority so far.

2. I see some good deal locally selling a pair of infinity RS4, a matching Infiniti Center (I dont know the model number but the seller says it matches RS4) and a JBL PSW1200 sub for $200. I have a pair of mission M34 so I can use them as surround and then add a onkyo 606 receiver.

3. Fluance AVHTB for $200+60 shipping and buy a sub and a onkyo 606 receiver.

The second option is the cheapest and seems Infinity has good reputation for good SQ.

Can somebody give me some advice?

Thanks in advance.
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I was in the same boat as you. I was split between getting a nice yamaha receiver (v665) and some decent speakers. I wanted True-HD and DTS-HD and atleast 5.1. I ended up going with the Onkyo 7100 (newegg has it for $650 shipped right now with a coupon code). I guess the video upconversion isn't the best on the receiver, but Cnet did love the receiver and everyone that owns it or the 6100 loves it. The 6100 can be had for $580 shipped on there.

A lot of people will also say, you could go with the Energy Systems for decent quality, I also got 6ave.com to accept my price for the Klipsch HD Theater 300 (5.1) for $280 shipped which was pretty good. I didn't get it though because the 7100 has 7.1.

This is just me, hope it helped a bit, if not then I tried
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to :motz2k1

Thanks a lot for your help.

I heard the 7100 at RC willey and it is good to me.

The second option looks a very good deal and I can make use of my older speakers but I dont know how they really sound and I dont have the change to listen to them.
I forgot mentioning the rooms size, it is 12' by 21'.
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