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Hi guys,

I have poked around on the forums looking for answers but I have a specific criteria that I have had trouble translating into search terms, so please bear with me.

I have recently discovered the joys of iRule and the Global Cache WF2IR (I have two - upstairs and downstairs). Currently I have a 50" LG plasma tv, Apple TV2, a TVonics Freeview recorder and an Onkyo HTX22HD in the lounge. The Onky doesn't have discrete power on / off or input IR codes so it is proving difficult to integrate it into iRule with sufficient HAF (Husband Acceptance Factor). There is a long explanation as to why this is but I'll keep to the point for now.

So -

I want to replace the Onky with something new that can be IP controlled. I'd like to purchase an IP controllable package system with either optical or HDMI inputs (either is fine - three or more would be nice, two will do) that has IP codes (not RS232) out there in the wild (i.e. I don't have to packet sniff them out) that I can plug into iRule. I am aware iRule have compatible devices listed on their site but these are for receivers which require separate speakers to be purchased. I'd rather not go that way unless i have to (and I can't run to the money for units they list in any case). But *if* the price was right I'd be prepared to buy separates, but an all in one is preferred.

I don't need 3D, BluRay or DVD (but if the priced was right I'd accept it and just not use that component).

I have been looking at the Onkyo HT-S6505, which appears to offer network control via a iPhone app, which might mean it is iRule compatible if the codes are out there, but as yet can find nobody confirming or denying this, or even much about the system at all. I am aware of a couple of BluRay systems from Samsung that would do, but there is some talk of iRule not playing nicely with Samsung (or at least not choosing to support them).

My budget is, at the most, five hundred UK pounds.

Is all this possible or a non starter ?

I put this in the Remote Control forum as opposed to anywhere else as the control of the unit via iRule is the really important criteria here.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

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