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Hi, I'm after some advice.

I currently the following Hi fi setup which sounds great but rarely gets used:

Pair of B&W DM601 s3

Rega Brio amp

Arcam CD73

Beresford bushmaster DAC

I recently bought some second hand av equipment from eBay (tannoy sfx 5.1 & onkyo sr606). From reading various posts it seemed that hooking up my B&Ws to the front channels would give a really good sound. That said I don't want to compromise on the sound quality when playing music.

As it turns out the HDMI on the onkyo was problematic so having to return it. The question is what to replace it with.

My budget for the receiver is £100 however I would be prepared to sell the rega & the arcam which would bring the budget up to £350. I appreciate that doesn't buy you all that much however I would be happy with second hand. Also i don't need 3d although i would like some hdmi handling.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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