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I haven't posted here all that much but I did come here for advice before I put all this together and thought I would post a few pictures and my setup.

You can spend thousands and come out with a kickass system, but you can also put together something pretty good (in the eyes of most)on the cheap.

The equipment:

Yamaha HTR-6130, a budget receiver that looks fairly nice, offers a lot of functionality for the price, and has good power. I was able to get it for 180 dollars this last spring and free shipping. It's rated at 100 wpc but a more realistic full band rating would probably be closer to 75wpc.

Two Paradigm 3semk3s I found for 100 dollars. They are in good condition for their age and sound great. From what I've been able to find they have a sensitivity of 90db, which if you work out the math would give them a max level of about 108db, more than enough for a small apartment. How much louder do you want it?

Paradigm PS-800 for $130 and a Paradigm CC-150 for $80. I purchased all the cables through monoprice.com

I found a nice stand half off at christmas time for $150 and the tv was a present. The dvd player is an upconverting samsung that was on sale on amazon.

The dvd runs straight to the tv with an optical audio cable going to the receiver. Running the hdmi through the receiver would only mean more cables. The xbox is split the sameway. Everything is so close on the stand that this works fine.

The router connects to the xbox which acts as a media center since you can then watch anything on your computer through the wireless network. You can also watch hulu through tversity and anything you download can be viewed through tversity or windows media center.

There's no room for speaker stands.

Router setup

There aren't any surrounds at the moment but there's also not a lot of room and I don't have the money right now.

I'm pretty proud of it considering what it cost and how good it sounds compared to legit systems I've heard. One of the center speakers tore itself apart last week when it was turned up too loud.

I was able to find a foam kit online that looked identical and matched the measurements.

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