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Hi, I'm completely new to this game. I've spent countless hours researching a 5.1 speaker set-up (didn't even know I needed an AV receiver at first) and like the look of the Boston Acoustic Soundware 5.1 speakers. It'd be for a bedroom sized 12'9 x 10'8(3.9m x 3.3m ), to go with my Optoma 131 projector. Considering a Denon AVRX1100 receiver. Mostly I would be using it for watching blu ray films via ps3 or playing the odd ps3 game.

However, I found a cheaper set of the above speakers but without a subwoof. They're new, but open box. Could I get a different subwoof to go with them? If so, is there anything I want to consider? I wouldn't want to spend more than £100 or $150, as I could just get the whole speaker and subwoof set for teh same price.

Thank you.
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