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I need a budget 5.1 for a small room and I have narrowed down my choices to two setups. To fit within my budget I'm probably going to save the sub purchase for later when I can afford something decent for another $200-300.

1. Onkyo TX-SR608 Home Theater Receiver and Jamo S426HCS3 5pcs Home Theater Speaker System Bundle



2. BIC bookshelves and center channel with Onkyo 308.




I can't find any reviews at all on the Jamo setup, the BICs seem to do well for their price point. I'm not expecting the world at my budget, I just need something decent for a small game/movie room. Which would you pick? Other options are welcomed!

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I'm in the same boat as you. Trying to put together a "good" setup on a budget. My room is 15x15, windows on 3 walls, TV on the 4th. Only opening is a 30" doorway to another room. Not a huge room, so I'm not looking for a huge system.

Based on my reading here this is what I've narrowed my choices to:

-Denon AVR 590/1610 or 591/1611 receiver. I've read that the EQ program for the Denon is much better than the Onkyo, something I need for the small room I'm putting this into.

Pairing it with one of the following speaker options:

1-Jamo 7.0 "PJ" speakers (can't find any info on them-would be using them as 5.0) Found a set online for $120 shipped.

2-4 Jamo E805's for the satellites and the Jamo C400 center channel $260 for all 5 speakers

3-Polk RM6750 $165 shipped refurb'd by Polk.

If I go with 1 or 2 above I'd add the Lava LSP10 10" powered sub for $210.

The speakers are a huge price difference, $165 for a 5.1 boxed set to $330 for the PJ system with sub, to $470 for the Jamo pieced setup with sub. I'd imagine the $470 setup will be much better than the $165 setup, but I've read good things about the RM6750 too. Still on the fence.

Also, still need to narrow down which "budget" Blu-ray player to buy.

Too many choices, and varying opinions. I just need to pull the trigger on something.
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