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Hi all,

I have a surround system I am very happy with overall, but there are a couple of minor issues I would like to address.

First, the current setup:

Denon 1612

Pioneer FS51s, C21 fronts

Energy Micro surrounds

The issues I have with the Micros are relatively minor but still annoying to problematic. 1) They blend OK, but definitely not imperceptibly with the rest of the mix, undoubtedly because of the speaker size (at a minimum). I would like for the new ones to be better than the Micros, and at least "almost imperceptible" (which is a relative term, I know). 2) By tying up two of the Micros, it prevents me from selling the whole set.

I would rather just buy a couple of budget surrounds and thus be able to more easily sell the whole set of Micros. Before anyone suggests the BS21s or BS22s, I will say that I would have done that initially, except for the fact they are not wall mountable, which is an absolute must. The Micros were never intended for the purpose they are serving, but they have pinch hit conveniently enough in the interim.

Budget is about $50 for the pair, as this would keep all audio components under my original goal of $400 total (yes, I was both patient and lucky on the other components). I noticed this set at Parts Express and was wondering if anyone had ever heard them.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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