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I just received a reminder that I need to download a software version. I now have build 75 from 5/21/03, the new one is 110.

The catch is: they want me to unsubscribe my ReplayTV service. When I started to do that I was told "all associated accounts will be deleted." I am concerned that when I start over again, my monthly service fee will jump from the current $10/month up to $12 per month.

Apparently one has to unsubscribe, then resubscribe to trigger the new software download, which I would like to have, but do not want to pay the extra monthly amount.

Have any of you actually tried this? It would be nice to know what trials and tribulation you went through so the rest of us can be forewarned.

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This has nothing to do with your monthly account. Just the myreplaytv account. Your monthly or lifetime activation is unrelated. And, the monthly price is still $9.95. The increase was rolled back shortly after it went up.

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Uh, I didn't unsubscribe from myreplaytv.com and I got version 110. I wish I hadn't gotten it, but I did.

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For the curious, here is the email --why I got it, I don't know, because I do have v110:

Dear ReplayTV Customers,

As you know, we update the ReplayTV software from time to time to

improve the features of your DVR. When ReplayTV DVRs connect to

the service each night, a routine check on the system health is

also performed. We have discovered that your DVR is running an

out of date version of the ReplayTV Software and thus far hasn't


In case you're wondering, no personal data about your viewing

habits is ever transmitted outside your DVR. However, each DVR

reports its software version when it connects to the ReplayTV

service. We are contacting you as part of our commitment to

great customer service.

We would like to help you get your DVR to the latest version of

the software.

The first step to doing so is to ask you to temporarily

unsubscribe to the MyReplayTV.com service. You may re-subscribed

after the software has successfully updated.

Turning Off MyReplayTV:


1. Go to www.myreplaytv.com

2. Enter your login name and password (case sensitive)

3. Enter serial # including the last 3 digit key. Enter it in all


4. Check the "Unsubscribe" box.

5. You can find the serial number with key on the ReplayTV in the

"Setup" menu, under "System Info".

NOTE: This can take up to 2 hours to update. After you

unsubscribe, wait two hours before proceeding to the next steps.

Verifying MyReplayTV is disabled:


1. Tune to any channel on ReplayTV.

2. Press 411 then button on the remote. You will see

a Blue screen with "ReplayTV Software Version" at the top. If you

don't see this blue screen, press the button and try again.

3. At the bottom, you'll should see: "MyReplayTV: NOT ENABLED".

If your ReplayTV hasn't connected since turning off MyReplayTV, it

won't say enabled yet.

4. Press button on the remote to watch TV.

Updating ReplayTV Software:


Now, you're ready for the easy part. You may need to repeat these

steps 3 or 4 times for the software to finally update.

1. Unplug the ReplayTV for 30 seconds. This will force the modem

to reset.

2. Tune to any channel on ReplayTV.

3. Press 243 then button on the remote. You will see a

blue screen with a list from 1 to 15 should now appear. If you

don't see this blue screen, press the button and try again.

4. Press 7 to Net Connect: If nothing happens when you press # 7,

restart your ReplayTV and try again.

(To restart, hold the power button on the ReplayTV down for 10

seconds, until you hear the fan turn off. Release the power button

and your ReplayTV will restart. Start again with Step # 2.)

5. Your ReplayTV will first say it's dialing and then connecting.

Then, it will tell you it's contacting the server, setting the

clock, etc.

6. During the connection, the ReplayTV will pause at "Transferring

additional information..." At this point, wait 10 seconds and then

restart your ReplayTV by pulling the power cord from the plug or

holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

7. After the unit reboots, repeat Steps 2 - 4.

8. The ReplayTV unit should now be able to download the latest

software build 110.

a. Near the end of the connection, the ReplayTV will be

"checking for new software."

b. It will start counting at 1% all the way to 99%. If it does

not get to 99%, you'll need to repeat steps 2-4.

c. Once it has finished downloading the new software, the

ReplayTV will start a 3-minute countdown before restarting.

Verifying Software Version:


After the ReplayTV unit automatically reboots, to verify your

software version:

a. Press button on the remote.

b. Then select Setup.

c. Scroll using the up and down arrow buttons on the remote to

highlight System Information.

d. Press button on the remote.

e. Then select Unit Info:

The old software version is 530500750 (5.0 build 75).

The new software version will be 530501100 (5.0 build 110)

If the new version is not correct, please don't hesitate to call

us at 800-933-5899.

We very much appreciate your patience and cooperation in getting

this matter resolved.


Your Friends at ReplayTV


Your Email Address:[[email protected]] is in our mailing list.

To unsubscribe, forward this message to mailto:[email protected]

To subscribe, forward this message to mailto:[email protected]

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There is a bug which prevents upgrading to v5.0 r110 if you have an active MyReplayTV.com account. This has nothing to do with your service account. The instructions given will allow your Replay to upgrade to the latest software version. You can easily recreate your MyReplayTV.com account after the upgrade.

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unsubscribing from my.replaytv.com is not a *requirement* of getting 110... but my.replaytv.com does cause some dialup problems for some people which would have the effect of them never managing to download the software.

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Hi JeefGeek and BaysideBas;

Yes, I am one of those who have that problem. I may go ahead and try it, though it appears that the 110 download isn't so hot after all. No rolling back, I guess, so I'll be stuck if I do try it.

I will report back later. Thanks for your feedback.
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