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Hello everyone. I plan to have a media server, to stream videos to MediaPortal and Xbox 360. But the price of QNAP is very high for me.

I was wondering what nas or media server will give me the same functionality, such as:

upnp media server

print server

raid function (assuming my server box has hardware raid)

torrent server (to download torrent)

maybe act as an itunes server too?

Please help. Thanks.

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Yes to all your needs. The print server will require some work on your part, you may want to consider other printer options if you have "scriptaphobia".

The second link gives ways to set up a print server.

If you are looking for a solution that will just configure itself with a couple of mouse clicks you may need to look elsewhere. If you enjoy working with unix style operating systems then you will really love this server.

Once you get set up you can administer from a web browser.
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