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Build planning- speaker wire=speaker location= screen

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Originally posted in dedicated thread

Basement is under construction. Framing is done. Electrical almost done. Running LV/ speaker wire. Theater area is U shape, back open to rest of basement. For Aesthetics and other reasons back of theater area is 19' from front wall. Planning on seating at 12'(eyeballs probably 11-11'5") 2nd row butting up to 1/2 wall at 19'(7 ft deep riser to handle reclining chairs)

TRying to determine speaker wire location therefore rough screen size. Room is wide 17' wall to wall- roughly 1 1/2' of soffit down each side- therefore ~14 feet wide in between soffits. I've been reading all the rules re distance vs screen width(1 to 1?).

So questions:

Assuming based on lack of depth the best option is that I'm using speakers on each side and center channel underneath?

MY other recent wild idea was on walls/inwalls on front that would shorted my depth by about 1 foot?

Any better ideas? I'm basically trying to get a good side screen that looks good on a 14-17' wide space but compensates for the depth issue as well

Thanks for any input you may have
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I don't know what you have for depth but there are some in-walls that only require about 4" of depth to mount. I installed some of the Jamo IW 626 LCR's for a friend and they seemed to do alright. The pricing on them is goofy since it ranges from $300/ea to $799/ea but if you ready around I'm sure there are plenty of good in-walls, just make sure your screen is AT
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