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I recently upgraded my living room with a new 3.1 system. I am new to the home theater scene and I am still learning what everything means. I did some research and got some recommendations from Crutchfield and wound up going with the following setup.

TV: Sony KDL-60W850B
Receiver: Sony STR-DN1050

Subwoofer: Definitive Technology SuperCube 2000
Left & Right: Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 45
Center: Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000

However recently my friend introduced me to Apieron Audio and I started looking at their speakers and now I am torn. I am still within the 60 Day window to return the speakers to Crutchfield and give the Aperion Audio speakers a try. I figured if I am going to do this right, make an investment and get the best speakers I can right now within my budget. Eventually when I have a bigger living room I will add more speakers to make it 5.1/5.2 or 7.1/7.2.

Speaks I am thinking about upgrading to:
2 x Verus Grand Bookshelf Speaker Pair
Verus Grand Center Channel Speaker
Bravus II 12D Powered Subwoofer

Anybody have any thoughts or recommendations?

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Don't know where you are from or the size of your room, but for any speaker evaluation, let your own ears be the judge. Get the speaker that sounds best to you. That said, I've listened to the Def Tech Studio Monitors (all three) on three different occasions and thought they performed well, but didn't buy them. Haven't auditioned the Versus Grand, but heard good things about them.

I think the weakest link in both systems are the subwoofers. You've chosen small compact subs that are best in small rooms (under 1,500 cu. ft. and better yet for rooms under 1,200 cu. ft.). There are much better subwoofers to choose from in the $500 to $650 range, and it makes no sense to buy the same brand subwoofer as your speakers, unless the sub is a top performer. Look to SVS, Reaction Audio, Rythmik Audio, Outlaw Audio and Hsu Research for subwoofers priced in that area.
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