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Building a new custom theater.

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I am in the process of revamping a existing home theater system. The customer previously had a older 1080i sony projector, A Jamo Kevlar inwall surround sound system and a equiptment rack stuffed into a small closet that did not fit the gear.

We are revamping the system with 6 New Bello Media chairs (2 Rows of 3) building a risor to hold the first row.Building a custom media bar to hold a mini fridge, the equiptment, and building in a custom subwoofer with a gorgeous granite top.

We are also pulling out all the speaker currently in the system and patching the walls and will be reglazing the walls and repainting the ceiling.

Here is the back of the room with the new custom curtain in place. There was a love seat on the back wall and a couch along the right side wall.

Here is the side wall where the new media bar will be located. We have some of the new Media room accesories in place. Also you can see the granite counter top we will be using for the bar.

Starting the construction of the Riser. Nothing fancy about it. Just some good old fashioned 2x10's in the center and 2x8's in the front and the rear. The reason for this is because we will be installing 2 10" woofers under the riser on the left and right hand side.

Starting the build the bar. 96" long - 40" high - 24.5" deep.

Fridge will be going on the left. Equipment in the middle and the subwoofer on the right. The top is going to be granite. And each of the openings will have double doors with the middle being grill cloth with metal grill behind it.

Test fitting the 133" Screen into place. I will be doing something special on the mounting of the screen and the three jamo speakers will be going behind it. You can see where we pulls the old speakers out and had to patch. The wall is now ready for a new coat of paint and glaze.

The riser is now finished and carpeted. There will be something going around the front so you cannot see the wood underneath.

Another shot of the room with the riser in it

A little closer to being complete with the bar area. We have the top on and waiting for the glue to dry. The art you see is made from MDF and is 4 layers. I have been doing media rooms for a very long time and it is by far my favorite accessory I have ever seen.

We still have quite a bit of work ahead of us. We still need retro the rooms wiring, put up the room treatments, and install the speakers. Not to mention finish the bar and get it painted.
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I finished this project a while ago. Hopefully I will have pictures uploaded this week.
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