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Building a new HTPC (DIGN case part II)

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Hi all,

after ordering my DIGN gold case (that I hope will look great together with my Sony ES stuff), I´ve started to think about building a new fully dedicated HTPC (I´ll add in a few days a Hauppauge WinDVB Nova with Common Interface that needs min 600Mhz) . Until now, I´ve been using the following configuration (quite noisy, BTW):

PIII 600

Mobo Aopen AX63Pro

128 Mb

20Gb Maxtor

Radeon VE

Toshiba 1602


Creative Audigy

Avermedia TV BT878

PowerDVD XP - Win XP Pro

Sony VPL CX10

I´m quite happy with the PQ, but I think there´s room for improvement and on top of that I want to reduce drastically the noise level. I was planning to go for an Duron 1.2Mhz + Elite K7S5A (Sis735) . I know that´s a quite basic MB, but has pasive cooling and I don´t need/want to overclock it... It´s not a problem of saving a few $, but I don´t want the latest 333 just to add noise to the system (even more knowing the lack of ventilation of the DIGN). Can you add a little bit of confusion to my decision?:confused:

Do I have to go for Asus , Soyo, MSI, Giga...

An the last ones...

PSU: enough with 300W...or 350W? Enermax, Silentstar,...

CPU cooling: Titan, CoolerMaster...or it´s too much for a Duron and I don´t have to spend the money there, using a low speed fan to keep it quiet?

Thanks for your advice, I´ll follow it!
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Oops! I forgot...

IBM Deskstar IC35L060 60 Gb 7200rpm?

is 7200 vs 5400 really notiteable in terms of noise?

I think I need fast access to record DVB stuff...
If you are looking for quiet, have you thought about using

a Via C3 processor? Those require only a passive heatsink

to keep cool.

Via reccomends the C3 933mhz and the Coolermaster DP5-GN01


I haven't tried these out myself, but have been doing some

research on "quiet" running pc's.

the C3's lack the full power of a full Pentium, but may be

powerfull enough to do what we are looking for.
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I'll second that...even that Duron is a little overkill. I've got an Athlon XP, but its underclock so I can use a dinky fan in a small case...
I was thinking of using a Via C3 in my planned HTPC but they are really only adequate for DVD viewing and general office apps. and Internet surfing. Even a 933Mhz C3 only has the CPU power of a Celeron at half that Mhz and really poor floating point performance; which would rule out game playing. You may want to check out some of the reviews. If you don't need to do more than that the passive cooling should make for a pretty quiet PC.:p

I have also been trying to get a comparison of 5400RPM HDs to 7200RPM HDs. Near as I can tell, although the 7200RPM HDs are pretty quiet, the 5400RPM HDs are a little quieter. A 5400RPM HD is adequate for video capture, even from HDTV, so unless you require the extra performance of a 7200RPM drive, you may like a 5400RPM drive better. If you go the 7200RPM route, you may want to look at the Seagate Barracuda IV (the consensus has this one as the quietest HD) or one of the new Maxtor drives with fluid bearings (I believe they have LX? in the part number). I think the IBM Deckstar is older technology that is loosing to the newer drives. Reviews I have read say they suffer from more humm/whine than the newer drives. The Seagate Barracuda suffers more from vibration related noise than whine; so mount it in a 5.25 drive bay with a No-Vibes mount. The SilentDrive enclosures don't help the Cuda IV and aren't really rated for 7200RPM drives anyway.

Good luck!:)

PS. Nice case BTW!
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@ ShockValue

Thanks! I´ll have a look at the specs, this could be an option, although I don´t want to change it again in 6 months...anyone has tested it?


That´s why it´s worth it to post a thread here...I´ve checked this Cuda at http://www.zalmantech.com/HardDrives.htm and I´m going for it. Do you have any info about that No-Vibes mount (website)?

Any opinions about the mobos?

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Hi alaybe,

Sorry, I don't have a source for the No-Vibes. I am leaning towards a 5400RPM drive for now, so I did not pursue the No-Vibes; only the SilentDrive.
Hi - 7200 discs certainly aren't required to capture DVB.

I capture three concurrent streams and my 5400rpm discs loaf.


What card(s) allow you to caputure 3 streams simultaneously? Can you also playback while caputuring x? number of streams?
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