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Hey all, so I've moved in to my new place and am a week from starting construction on my HT.

The room I'm using is finished already but I would like to add a stage to the screen side of the room. The stage will have a false wall on top that will hold my AT screen from SeymourAV as well as my sub and speakers. The flooring is laminate and I'm worried about ruining the floor since we intend on selling this house in 4-5 years.

Would it be safe to lay down foam underlay (the kind placed under laminate during installation) and then building on top of that? I also have a huge roll of carpet underpadding from a friend that ripped out his 1 week old carpet. I'd like to use the underpadding since it should guarantee the floor stays unscratched and would help reduce vibration transmission from the speakers and sub on the stage.

Which route would you guys go?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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