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Hello, I've tried to find threads related to this, but haven't had much luck. So I've decided to add to the clutter.

I have two computers.

System 1: (my main rig) Vista Home Premium installed; hhardware is asus p5b-e motherboard; intel dual core E6300; 8800gts video card; 2gb ram; and 3 x 320gb Hard drives

System 2: (hopefully will be a htpc soon) Vista Home Premium installed; hardware is asus k8v-x mobo; athlon 64 +2800 (s754) cpu; 6800GT vid card; 1.25 gb ram; HTR-1600; and 1 120gb hard drive.

System 2 has a D-Link DWA-552 wireless adaptor (extreme N). I have system 1 wired into a D-Link DIR-655 Router and the router is connected to a cable modem. My PS3 is also connected to my network over wifi.

So, the idea is to share my Video, Music and Picture folders on System 1 over my wireless network with System 2.

But, when I go to MCE setup in System 2 to build the library it takes forever. So far, Music and Photos seem to work ok. Video is a different story entirely. It took forever to build the library, and now whenever I try to view a video over the network, the streaming is not very good - to be honest its slow.

Surprisingly, my PS3 does a much better job with streaming video from System 1 and the PS3 only has 802.11g (not draft n). For now I've just been watching streaming video from the PS3. The problem is that some codec support is missing from the PS3.

Is this typical for wireless networks and Vista MCE (is it still called MCE in vista?)? Note, I'm talking about standard definition video - not HD.

I'm thinking I might just buy an external 500gb usb hd and just copy over my video to that and plug it in to system 2. Might just help me avoid a lot of frustration.


- video streaming to Vista MCE over wireless network isin't the greatest.

- PS3 streams video much better.

- Is this typical results for Vista MCE?

- Should I just use an external hd for video on Vista MCE?

If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
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