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Building digital coaxial cables?

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Hey, just wondering if anyone out there knew of an online guide on building digital coax cables. I remember seeing one some time ago, but I can't remember where I saw it - so if anyone knows where it is, please link me.

Also, when making component cables, will any RCA connector work or does it specifically have to say "75 ohm"?

Please let me know.
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Digital coax cables and component video cable are the same.

75 ohm coax with RCA connectors on each end.

Any RCA connector will work.


But... if you want to go the extra mile, "75 Ohm" RCA plugs can be found:
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Thanks for your response - some good info there.

Now if I can find that little DIY on the soldering and connectors and all that good stuff, I'll be set.
Belden 1694A paired with the Canare connectors makes a good, albeit not super flexible, cable.

Many connectors these days are crimped rather than soldered.

This recent thread should get you started (and finished):

ssabripo's DIY Interconnect cables Tutorial: $200 cables for 1/10 th the cost! :


Have fun with your DIY project,

- Steve O.
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