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building htpc... need suggestions here on parts.

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im trying to build a HTPC with parts that i salvaged from my gaming rig that i never touched. i building this with the intent to playback hi-def dvds, rip movies to hdd, record tv shows via vista64 media center.

i already purchased the asus p5e-vm hdmi board, but im not sure if i will keep it. is it better to go with a different motherboard without onboard video? or will the p5e-vm be perfect for what i will be using it for?

motherboard: ?

processor: q6600

ram: (2x) TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX 8GB total

optical device: LG bluray/hddvd drive GGC-H20L

tv tuner: avermedia hd tuner pci-e

harddrives: 150GB raptor-x (OS), (2x) wd 1tb drives

psu: corsair 520hx
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My $.02--I like the motherboard (there are issues, you can read the thread--but there are issues with EVERY board), but I would put the Q6600 in another PC and use that CPU (hopefully cooler) in your HTPC, along with a good cooler that will run fanless (e.g. Scythe mini ninja). I also would only put 4GB max in th HTPC, and I would never put a raptor in there--no benefit at all. Put all that other stuff in your "main" PC. Other than that, looks pretty good to me.

What about a case? keyboard and remote?
"i building this with the intent to playback hi-def dvds, rip movies to hdd, record tv shows via vista64 media center"

Who said you need/want/should get/better than ../etc Vista 64 Bit for an HTPC? Stick with 32 bit.
gtfoltz - i pretty much scrapped my gaming computer to get all these parts. dont have any other desktop as my other computer is a laptop. other items i will be using since i get a hefty discount from logitech (%50 off).

keyboard: logitech dinovo mini

remote: logitech harmony 1000

case: originAE H6 black

kapone: i thought 64 would be the way to go utilize 4gb of ram. in a htpc environment, is 32bit OS the way to go?
Well, those are all good choices. I have the diNovo Edge--been wistfully wondering what the mini would be like.

The question isn't whether it supports it, it is whether it makes any difference? The answer is no, you won't get any additional performance from the extra RAM--I'd sell it before I put it in an HTPC. So, therefore, there is also no real benefit to 64-bit--at least not right now or for the life of this particular HTPC... You can stick 4GB in there with a 32-bit OS, but it will only "see" a little over 3GB of it. Which is fine--you have it, and you need to use 2 DIMMs for dual-channel to work, so use it. But the rest? Sell it, give to a family or friend who can use it, etc.
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