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Hello all, I just joined today but have been browsing the past few months.  I am in the process of building a home theater in my basement.  The room is a perfect rectangle. The demensions are 11ft.X 20 ft. with a 30 inch door at one side of the room.  I am putting up my A/V adventure in hopes anybody has any input on ways to better my system.


1. I purchased a Panasonic ST60 60 in. plasma TV.  I decided to go plasma cause I hear they have the best image for a darker home theater.  I also read reviews that Panasonic plasmas are the best you can get for my budget. Cnet gave the St series a 5 out of 5 stars. Plus I got a great deal on craigslist for 800$.  The TV was 2 months old and still had the amazon warranty.


2. So you should all know I know very little about home audio or even audio in general.(even though I am a theatrical Stagehand. I mostly do lighting).  So I started by buying an AVR.  After many hours of reading forums and reviews I decided to go with the Sony STR-DH740 receiver.  I got it on amazon for 230$ I think.  I went with this AVR because of the 3-d passthru and the reviews I read on Cnet. It doesn't have all the networking bells and whistles but it seems to have all I need for my budget.


3.Now on to speakers.  So after days of researching different speakers and models I decided to buy a set of polk RM6750 5.1 speakers with the 8in subwoofer.  Once again after reading reviews and looking forums for the price I thought it was a great buy. I then bought 2 Polk RM6751 surround speakers to complete my 7.1 system. I forget what they cost but they were on sale at Newegg.  So now all Ihave to do is buy speaker wire, Banana plugs, and wall mounts.  I am all set!!!!! Or so I thought!!!!


4.  So I learned a new term on this forum called " Upgradeitis "  Im waiting for the framing to be done in my basement and I start looking online at more reviews and forums about the best way to hook up and run my gear. As, I read more and more posts I start seeing how my subwoofer is sort of weak and if I really want the feeling of good surround sound I should really upgrade my sub. So, there I go back to forums and reviews looking at subs.  So I pull the trigger on a new BIC Acoustictech PL200 for 280$ on Ebay.  Take in mind I haven't even listened to my Polk RM6750 sub yet!!! I am really excited about the BIC sub. So I am happy with the upgrade and am finally done with my sound system.  Or I thought!!!


5.  Boredom is a B#ich!!!  So back online on Craigslist I find a pair of Polk monitor 55t's used but in great condition for 120$. I look at all the reviews between the 55's and the RM6750 and decide for the price its a no brainer!!! I bought the 55's.  I am totally stoked about my new rig.  For my budget I think I really have a handle on this home theater thing.  I cant wait to get it all up and running. I just need them to finish framing the walls so I can run all my cable and get chilling in my awesome man cave!!!  That's it im finally happy with my system.  Damn internet!!!!!


6. So back to the forums and reviews and I learn about things like Timbe match and Front Soundstage.  I learn that my little Polk RM6750 center speaker might be a little too small for my monitor 55t's.  So after hours of reviews and forums I pull the trigger on a Polk CS2 center speaker at Ebay for79$.  I've read great thing about it and I hope it will work well with my system. This is finally the sound system I think I wanted.


I am at the point now where I just cant wait to finally hear my new system.  I plan on using the cs2 as my center, the monitor 55's as my L/R and the RM6750's as my side and rears. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to tell you all how crazy I am.  Its kind of like an AA meeting " My name is Shaun M. and I am an upgradeaholic!!!!  Damn some polk monitor 70's just popped up on craigslist for 200$ Gotta run!!!!!
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