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I moved into a home four months ago and I have been rushing to get the completely unfinished basement into a low buck usable space until more funds become available.

Certain items have to be cheap enough so that when I pull them out to finish the basement "better" later I won't feel so bad about wasting the cash.

So this what I have done and I will post my pics next week after the electrician leaves

1) I had to plan on how to make a stylish (matter of opinion) floor covering so that my 13 year old daughter had a place where she can hang out with her friends. It had to be cheap and it had to have insulation value with some sound absorption. This is what I chose:


This stuff went together so fast and the pics will show how clean the basement looks. Added bonus is the nice cushion effect in my gym area.

Total cost to do the entire basement was $750

2) I hired an electrician who arrives on tuesday and wednesday of next week to add 4 breakers, 2 of which are dedicated for my subs, 2 of which will power the roof pot lighting (12 lights on remore dimmer) and my projector/receiver/ps3/HD cable box etc. Plus of course running outlets around the room.

Total cost of electrical is $1500 including floresent dimmable bulbs ($15 each!)

3) I had to decide how to cover the walls and ceiling, but the expensive of drywall made my guts twist. The thought of ugly wood panels just wasn't for me and curtains are freaking expensive!


Walmart twin size flat bed sheets color black. Size 64"x96" layed sideways like drywall to stack two high and up onto the roof for complete coverage of my 9 foot walls floor to ceiling. Each sheet cost $8 and I required two for each eight feet of wall length to cover.

Total cost of "walls" and ceiling $250 !

4) I ordered a Sanyo z700 projector from the home shopping channel here in Canada. 106" projector screen, roof mount for the projector, 25 foot HDMI cable and the projector for ....

Total cost of projector setup $2300

5) I have two Paradigm 3400 subs on order:

Total cost for the pair $1600

6) I reused my Yamaha HTR 6190 and existing polk RTI speakers than were in the great room (located too close to the bedrooms and even on night mode transferred too much bass) plus a couple couchs I already had...

Value to buy all of it today would be $3500 but for me free

So for $6400 worth the new items and $3500 for the "already had items" I have finished my basement from top to bottom including wiring,furniture,coverings and electronics.

I'll post the inbetween and after pics next week, I forgot the before (sorry)

Total time from beginning to end?

2 weeks

Talk to you next week!


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reserved for next week
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