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Just bought a ln52B750 Samsung last month and decided that I really needed to upgrade my entire audio system next. So, I've been looking at building a new HT system used for gaming, music, and movies. The room is 20x15 with a kitchen/dining room attached further opening up the space.

For left and right mains I'm thinking about getting refurbished Polk RTi A5s, the Csi A6 for the center, and the RTi A1 for L/R rears.

Where I'm stumbling the most is the type of subwoofer and reciever to get.

I'm thinking maybe 200$-250$ for the Subwoofer. I can't get too loud with the bass because it broadcasts through to my neighbors house right into their bedroom. But don't want to get junk in case I ever get a chance to open it up some.

One major point of confusion is do I need to get a powered subwoofer if I get an appropriate reciever?

I'm willing to give and take on price, but would just assume keep the whole thing under $1,500

Also if anyone knows a good steam powered vacuum cleaner, that would be swell.

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You are going to need a powered subwoofer, unless you have a seperate amplifier, and can get a passive subwoofer. If you get good full-range speakers, you might get by without a sub for awhile, at least until neighbors aren't a factor.

Some low budget subwoofers with good reputations:

BIC Venturi V1220 $224

Dayton ES10 Elite $230

Dayton SUB-120 HT $155

BIC Acoustech H-100 $250

Premier Acoustic PA-120 $230
TSC T250 Subwoofer $250

You can get most of these at Parts-express.com and sounddistributers.com . Also, HSU Research just put their STF1 on sale for $269.

Don't know about steam cleaners, sorry.
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