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Building Slim speakers

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What are the factors that need to be taken when attempting to build slim speakers.

I want to build a false wall in my basement and would like to not lose alot of space with the speaker. I currently have SEOS with Dayton 12s LCR that i would like to repurpose and build the enclosures with a depth around 6" if possible. I'd make up the volume with height and width, but are there any other considerations that i need to worry about?

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The only major issue is resonances. You don't want a narrow, long cab to resonate like a pipe.
If the drivers are near the center of the long dimension resonances will cancel, same as placing speakers in a room.

It's also somewhat self-correcting in that the longer the dimension, the more stuffing there is to absorb resonances.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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