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Yes that is correct BUT:

A TV can have QAM Tuner built into it, and NOT HAVE a CableCard Access slot. It is not required to have one to have a QAM Tuner built into it.

But if a TV does have a CableCard slot, then it DEFINITELY has a QAM tuner in it.

But it does not have to be the reverse.

Alot(not all all, but most) flat panel's made by Sharp, LG, Sony, HP(Hewlett Packard), and JVC have QAM tuners in them(as well as ATSC and NTSC tuners for Over the Air digital/HD reception[ATSC tuner] and analog reception via antenna or cable on the NTSC tuner).

Just make sure you read the specs carefully.

And don't trust the prinouts on the cards underneath the TV's in stores like Best Buy/Circuit City/Sears/Etc... They are soemtimes(more often than not) incorrect.

Make sure you come here to the AVS forum and do your homework first to make a final decision on what you want.

Great learning tool.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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