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Bulb life expectancy

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Is there an average bulb life for DLP RPJs or is it the similar to projectors.

I am considering a DLP RPJ but am weighing the total cost of ownership against a DLP PJ the Benq6100 whose bulb lifespan is suggested as 2000 hours and bulb replacement cost is over 500 Canadian.

One dealer told me 30k hours and another has told me 7000 hours for a Samsung DLP RPJ, but I think 30kH might be a little optimistic for a lightbulb.

I looked through the specs on the Mitsubishi lineup and could find no MTBF figures.

Why would a PJ bulb with similar wattage have a lower lifespan than the DLP RPJ bulb ?

Comments, thoughts and opinions appreciated.
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Based on all I've read on this forum, I'm going to be happy if the lamp in our Samsung DLP lasts 4000 hours. BTW, I've got a spare lamp on hand.

I would disregard the optimistic lamp life estimates supplied by the lamp based RPTV manufacturers. Our sets lamp is supposed to last for 8000 hours according to Samsung. Not likely.
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