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Meant to post this to less than 3k projector forum. Can mod please move?

Anybody else hate when their bulb gets significant time on it? I ran my first bulb roughly 1900 hours, and when I replaced it I was shocked at how many lumens I'd lost. A new bulb really does make your projector feel new again. It's amazing how bright the new lamp is compared to a worn one.

Bulb wear in my opinion is by far the biggest negative to front projection. I'd dump my bulb after 500 hours if money was no object. Anyone else feel this frustration?

Any good projectors out there that can get a new lamp for say 100 to 150 bucks? I think lamp cost will be a major consideration on my next projector. My current AE900 lamps seem to run ~300 dollars give or take 50 bucks. Are these lamps really that expensive to manufacture?
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