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Hi folks,

Thought i would share with you the nice little gizmo i just got myself over the holidays http://www.bulletdvr.com

Although i initially bought it for its intended use, which is to record onboard videos from my race car (formula 1600), I did find another GREAT use for it when i'm at home. It allows me to create a backup of any of my DVD movies in mpeg-2 format, which i then burn back on a blank DVD with almost no loss.

It encodes at a maximum bitrate of 8 mb/s directly to a CF card, which takes around 1Gb for evert 15 minute segment or so. I have a 16Gb card, so i can copy everything, even Lord of the Rings! Then i just clear the card and start again...

For some reason there is no built-in copy protection, probably because it wasn't intended for home use but more for the race track? anyhow, it works flawless, except that you do have to play the movie in real time to record it to the flash card, it's not like a DVD ripper.

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