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Bummed out on 34xs955!

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I was at CC today and they are running a clearence special on this tv. Unfortunately when I was looking at the floor model there was a wierd tilt to it. The scroll of the fox news at the bottom was cut in half at one side and completely visible at the other.

The CC sales rep went into the setup menus and by adjusting the tilt all the way to the left he was able to even the scroll, but then when I looked at the picture in standard 4/3 mode I noticed the verticle l bars were no longer verticle. The sales said that was a result of his changing the tilt. In other words fixing one problem caused another. There was another set on the floor, an XBR960, and it had the exact same problem though not as extreme.

If I were to purchase one of these tv's out of the box, is it likely to come ok or is it going to need alot of calibrating like these floor models? I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this picture tube, but if I've got to spend money to get it properly set up after purchasing it, I'd be leery to buy one. Can someone help me out on this? Are these problems unusual for this tv?
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Once yet again: Don't buy floor models people!

Are these problems unusual for this tv?
more than likely this TV was abused, do not buy a floor model

a new TV should not have tilt issues like that
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