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burn in question

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I have an X-Box (now banished from my plasma display) which unfortunately and quite accidentally ended up displaying a high contrast image on a low average level picture for about 2 hours. It's about 6"x.5" in the upper left corner. After about six hours of normal, full screen video watching of most definitely non-static images, the image is _barely_ noticeable on a black screen and completely invisible with any type of non-black signal. It actually reduced to an acceptable level after about 1.5 hours, but very slowly faded even more after that. At this point, I think it's at the level it will be. I'm upset that it happened, however the display still looks as good as it did before as long as I'm not looking at black.

My question is this. Left as is, it will probably never go away, but will be blur out over time? Assuming pixel burn-in is the result of uneven wear, not really a "burnt" pixel, what if a white image subtracting the burn pattern or an inverted picture which caused this in the first place was displayed for about 15 minutes? Is this a bad idea which will make an acceptable situation bad?
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I have a NEC 61MP1 at work and it has a reverse image feature built in to the controls. I would say this is similar to what you want to do. Basically you are going to prematurely burn the "other" pixels to even wear. I also have a all white field mode to burn all and wear at same rate. I would say if you can live with that small area then live with it until it becomes unbearable. Aging the "other" pixels adds age to the total life of the display. My thoughts.

Out of curiosity, what plasma do you have?
It seems after another few hours of watching TV (it is on between 2-3 hours on days it gets watched), it is now so faded that it doesn't even matter any more! I was planning to do the reverse video trick for only 15 minutes or so to reduce the pattern if I decided to do it, but it now seems reduced enough on it's own. And this is with the gamma control activated so it isn't like I'm stamping bright white all over it to hammer it out.

Wheew. No more XBOX, though. I'm setting up a low cost "Standard Def" theater system for the guest room which gets an old-fasioned CRT display, and the XBOX may have many happy hours of fun there.

Originally posted by ECM
Out of curiosity, what plasma do you have?
Fujitsu 4242W (42" 1024x1024 ALiS).
I have an Xbox on a 50" pio plasma. On Tuesday I also suffered some ghosting. I put in reverse and it is fadding quickly. I wondered what would happen if I just did not use the plasma for a few days if it would still fade. Or does it have to be on.

I also wonder what the long-term effect is. Over time it seeems to fade. Presently I am letting my kids continue playing Xbox/Halo on the screen. This is why I purchased it.

hbrenner - Thank you. I took your advise and held my breath. As later posted it did fade quite a bit, and it is slowly fading still.

From what I've researched since experiencing this and my own observation with my set, I think perhaps the first thing to do after noticing a ghosted image is to simply use the display normally for about a week (assuming 2-3 hours a day), don't play the game that did it during this time, and THEN assess how bad it really is.

I do know the set has to be on for any changes to occur, which would indicate simply turning the set off after an XBOX session doesn't really seem to count as a non-continuous image. This goes along with assuming ghosting is uneven pixel wear.
You know you could also use one of the other wide modes, like ZOOM or something equivalent to move staic boxes and scrolls/crawls (ie CNN) off the screen. If this doesn't adversly affect the playing field that is another option. Although the allure is strong to play games etal on these hi end displays (plasma & crt RPTV's) they can be harmful. A nice 32 or 36" direct view Sony or tosh would do the trick; And save your big screen for Movies and HDTV, as well as your available heart muscle :).
The plasma was to replace a 36" Sony. I wanted to move to the next level. There is really nothing like plasma to move to the next level for game playing.

My wife and myself moved the 36" sony upstairs. Wow! what a job. We had to do it 1 stair at a time. I could not believe how heavy that set was. The Plasma is sooo much lighter :).

The first couple of months seems to be the most vulnerable time, so just use common sense and you should be fine. I had a yellowish Internet Explorer text box that lasted about 3 weeks and then completely "healed" over time. Make sure the orbiter is ON. Since turning it on, I haven't had a single problem. White screens or random noise screens are supposed to be best to even out the phosphors. Trying to create a reverse image of what caused after-image seems like risky business to me. Howard

The NEC actually has a negative field built into the controls. I do not ever plan on using it. I have orbiter on, but that sometimes conflicts with the whiteboard overlay we have ( www.smarttech.com ). The NEC also has a WT or white display to even things out. I ran AVIA on the set and hopefuilly the contrast being down will be like it is on my rptv and worry can be minimized.


Same boat here...42" plasma coming today to replace a 36" XBR...going to have to figure out how to get the monster (nearly 300lbs!) up 2 flights of stairs...I'm a strong decent sized guy, but my wife is not...one stair at a time sounds like the way to go...


I also use the orbiter but I question how much it really helps.

Boykster my wife is also rather petite and I am not the biggest guy. I would suggest being really careful. We almost lost the set down the stairs at one point. My wife was below the set at the time and could have been really hurt. Afterwards I thought it would probably had made more sense to wait until my brother in law could come over and help. It literly took us 30+ minutes doing 1 stair at a time to get the set up the stairs. We were also only going up 1 set of stairs.

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