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I have a Bush LCD40883F 1080p HDTV. Basically I can't get it to look very good using my HTPC via HDMI input, and in particular I can't seem to get rid of banding.

The software I'm using is MediaPortal with LAV Filters (a splitter/decoder package) in DXVA2 mode and EVR. As I understand it, LAV outputs NV12 straight to EVR, which should avoid banding as long as there's no 16-235 to 0-255 conversion. The problem is that I can't seem to figure out or change what levels are being sent to the TV. The TV has no indicator as to whether it's receiving 16-235 or 0-255 and all of the options in the nVidia Control Panel for changing the video output mode don't seem to have any affect at all on the banding. The options are:

1) Video levels: 16-235 or 0-255

2) Output mode: RGB or YCbCr444

3) Display Usage: Desktop or Video

I don't see any crushing/blooming with any of these modes but I also see banding with all of them. The only thing I do know is that my Xbox 360 has to be set to "standard" range, rather than "extended" range, which indicates that the TV is expecting 16-235, right? I have also connected to my HTPC over TeamViewer taken a screenshot of what it looks like with the video levels set to 0-255 and the banding there is no worse than I see on my laptop (blue blocks like sky will always have some banding with YCbCr 4:2:0 used for broadcasting). This indicates to me that there's no fundamental problem with LAV Filters or MediaPortal, which just leaves the nVidia settings and the TV.

Another issue is that, whilst I can get the contrast and brightness levels roughly correct (using Lagom LCD ), the gamma is completely wrong. I understand it's meant to ~2.2 but according to the test page, it's ~1.2. None of the settings on the TV affect this (even in the hidden menu, where almost nothing is editable). I can change the gamma in the nVidia Control Panel but doing this pushes the contrast and/or brightness out of range so it can't be fixed.

Is this TV just crap or is there anything I can do about this? Is the banding problem related to the way off gamma? It's been a while but I'm sure I tried watching some recorded TV in MPC-HC using MadVR at some point and there was still banding there, which leads me to believe it's not a problem with MediaPortal or LAV Filters but must instead be either the TV or the output from the GPU.
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