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Buttkicker and amp. Need below 40hz.

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The lowest the amp allows is 40hz. But for every bass scene the LFE shakes. It's annoying. I want it to shake only on real, dramatic, in your face scenes. Would a crossover after the amp be the solution or is there a better way?
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I have a buttkicker and am interested in this as well.

I think I read somewhere about something called an F-mod but I don't remember if that is correct.

Hopefully someone will reply who knows.
I would use a crossover before the amp not after. Get a 30 Hz or lower low-pass filter and go from there.

The Harrison Labs PFMOD LP-1 only goes down to 36 Hz though.
That would make sense Jeremy. I'll try it.

Anyone else can chime in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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