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I've purchased two Buttkicker Advance (BK4-4) for installation in home theater seating and I'm questioning if I can re-use existing components or if I should take the plunge and get the INUKE 3000DSP or a plate amp.

I have an existing Yamaha RX-V775WA receiver and I was hoping to take the second LFE and connect it to an input tied to Zone 2; then wire the two Buttkickers in series and I could use Zone 2 controls. Yamaha said that's not a good idea and I'll damage the receiver by putting the two 4-ohm speakers in series.

Here's what they said:
"The receiver can only support 4 ohms speakers on the front left and right channel. Using the 4 ohms speakers in series will damage the unit, and we do not recommend you to use 4 ohms speakers for zone output."

I sent them this graphic and asked for confirmation it would damage the receiver:

They said the following:
"Yes this wiring can damage your receiver."

I have an old Yamaha RX-V630 and was wondering if I could use the main left/right channel or if I should just splurge on the INUKE 3000DSP or a plate amp.

I was also hoping to add L-PAD's or something similar to allow for individual Buttkicker intensity per chair, but I'm not sure that's recommended.
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