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Buttkicker LFE mounting feet broken

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I just got my Buttkicker kit on Wednesday and was doing a permanent installation yesterday to my theater seating platform. As I tightened one of the four nuts, suddenly two of the four mounting feet on the Buttkicker LFE broke! I couldn't believe it, this sucker is solid steel and the feet just snapped in half. I wasn't even using power tools, just hand tightening it with a tiny wrench. I wasn't forcing it or putting much strength into it either.

I'm guessing this was just a bad one with brittle mounting feet. I sent an e-mail to their support group last night, hopefully I can get a replacement or at the very least a repair. The warranty is good for 2 years but worries me is that they will claim "improper installation". But I was following the guidelines outlined in their pamphlet and used the dimensions they gave for the bolt holes.

Has anyone else had this happen?
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I just got mine, and they added a little warning tag stating that ... If the surface you install them on must be perfectly level or the feet will snap...I think they are made out of cast metal and therefore very brittle. Is it possible it wasn't quite flush?? If they wont warrantee it run a long radiator hose clamp around the top of it and down the sides and screw it down with sheetrock screws to your platform, then sock the clamp down... It aint goin' nowhere my friend... Hope that helps...Al...
Thanks for the suggestion Al, hopefully it won't come to that, but at least that's better than a two-footed version. I didn't get a tag stating the feet could snap, was it in the box? The surface was a 1" thick sheet of plywood so I don't know how much flatter that could get. Hopefully I'll get a reply today so I'll know what's going on.
Bob, There was a warning tag in the box...it definitely shouldn't have snapped on a flat sheet of plywood, and hand tightening...Good Luck ...Al...
Since I originally posted about my unit breaking, I feel compelled to write about the positive side of the experience. I just wanted to let everyone know that The Guitammer Company already has shipped me out a brand new Buttkicker LFE unit to replace the one that broke. This is first-class customer service. This gives me faith that there are companies that care about quality and the customer.

Thanks, Guitammer Company!
Excellent to hear...you will enjoy them...Al...
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