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Buttkicker Service Access??

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Hi all! Within the next two months I'll be at the construction stage of building my riser and will be using a Buttkicker LFE installed in my riser. Plan to just have the shaker for my second row of seating. Anyway, what are your suggestions for leaving an access panel for later servicing of the Buttkicker should it become necessary? The riser will be upholstered with the same carpeting as the rest of the flooring. Thanks for any ideas or your actual experience with this.

Bondsan (Bob)
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Good question Bob, i have the same idea for my future HT constuction.
I have 2 Buttkicker LFEs bolted under my floor. I've never touched them since they were installed. The buttkickers themselves are pretty much indesctructible. As long as the wiring is good and you mounted them well, I wouldn't think you would need access to them.
While they are quite sturdy, they are still mechanical devices and can fail. I constructed an access panel for each of mine. I can't remember if I found instructions on their web page or if I got them from Marvin (wonderful resource for information - he's one of their technicians).
I was thinking exactly the same thing when i get to my riser construction. I currently have a bunch of Aura Bass shakers, but will upgrade to a BK in the future.

My questions are:

- Trap door?

- How do you guys place the Fibreglass insulation? Do you leave space for the butt kickers, put them into a sub/box or just fill everything with Insulation?
I made trap doors. I basically framed box-like enclosures in my riser using the principles contained here:


My BK2s are actually mounted to the surface of the door which is screwed into the box-like framing. The trap doors are carpeted (with pad underneath) and located underneath my rows of seats. I'm very pleased with the outcome.
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