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I am having second thoughts about my original decision not to get the buttkicker's included with my Berkline 094's. Reading this forum can sure cost some money! I have already ordered my 6 chairs which are in storage until the room is complete. They all have power recline 1 row of 4 (2 ends and loveseat in the middle) and 2 singles.

My question is, are they hard to install after the fact. Construction on the platform is happening this week, so I want to make sure I accomadate for them if required. Do they just fit under the seat? Being new to the HT spot, is there a thread (I had trouble locating) that talks about what exactly you need to buy? Sorry for so many questions but any help is appreciated. I have attached some pics and have more to upload. Size of the room is 20 x 16

List of my equipment

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 800

Vutec Lectra-I 1.3 gain ViewFlex

TriadInWall Bronze 4 LCR

Triad in-ceiling Bronze Surround Sound Speakers

Triad InWall Bronze 6 Power Sub with Amp

Denon AVR-4306

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