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Buy now or wait a bit: digital receivers, audio format,...

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Hey, here is a subject that probably has no good answers but heck I'd like to read your opinion.

Is it a good time to buy a receiver or maybe it's better to wait a bit when you already have something decent but has just Dolby pro logic in it?

These new digital receivers have some interesting reviews. This is pure speculation but I don't think they offer the sound quality for music that good receivers like Rotel or Arcam can offer now, however, the technology sure sounds interesting. Will it render current receivers obsolete in a year or so?

Also, the new formats that are coming, blueray,..., will they provide something that current receivers would not handle?

Thanks for your comments.
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If you don't even have Dolby Digital, then upgrade NOW! You'll get DD, PLIIx, DTS and all sorts of improvements over what you have. And you can get a great receiver with all that for $400. You're crazy to wait for tomorrow's technology when you can be very happy with today's--especially when you have such an old receiver. the difference between Pro Logic and Dolby Digital is night and day.

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are at least two years away from taking over. Current DVD players are in nearly every house in the USA. DVD's have just recently replaced VHS at most stores and movie rental joints. I just don't see any point in worry about them yet. Go get a DD receiver and start enjoying discrete surround sound NOW.
I just got an HK 635, mainly for the EQ. I figure it will be at least a couple of years til the lack of HDM and the new DD and DTS formats becomes an issue.
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