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Buyer beware for apple accessories from third parties like phone carriers

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Apple is registering the warrantee for products ( Beats Headphones ) when the carrier buys it not the consumer. So in my case i purchased Beats Pro headphones from Telus 2 days ago, i receive them yesterday, the left ear does not work. Telus says take it to Apple, so i do, they say its out of warrantee, because Telus purchased them more than 1 year ago, now i am out $300, even though i have a receipt to prove i bought them 2 days ago.

Make sure you check the warrantee status using the serial number before you leave the store.
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Take it back to the Telus store and demand an refund. If anything it will be well within the return window at Telus.

I'm sure the sales person just didn't want to deal with your thing. And Telus should've registered the sale date when you bought it - it's how it's done at the point of sale. Otherwise Apple only has a record of when they sold it to Telus, instead of when Telus sold it to you.

Heck, take it to a different Telus store if you have to - perhaps they're doing shady things at the store you went to like selling you a used product as new - the unit was defective, returned the store and they never bothered returning it back to Apple, and they managed to offload it onto you. Was it new or did the packaging seem already open?

A lot of Telus stores were former Blacks stores which I believe were franchised and thus the store owners do this to increase their profits. File a complaint with the wireless ombudsperson as well - I've seen it taken seriously on even the smallest matters (I've complained about being charged on receiving text message spam and within two weeks of filing, Fido called to apologize about it and I got a letter of apology in the mail. It was only over 25 cents but it was more a principle thing).

I would bet that store knowingly sold you a used defective headphones and pawned you off to apple just to get rid of you.
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I got it through Telus direct Enterprise, i have attempted to process a return with them, we will see how it goes, the unit was new in a sealed box.
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