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I just want to inform everyone of my "good" deal I got on a blu ray and AVR bundle.

I saw that HighDef Lifestyle had a deal on these through amazon. Wanted a new blu ray and a second receiver so figured I would pull the trigger.

Long story short, the packages did NOT come double boxed. Blu ray box had been opened and could tell the blu ray player was repackaged. When I did open the box, noticed packaging was also open (remote control etc..), Instantly I could tell this was not a brand new item.

Receiver box was also mangled.

I called them to tell them immediately and thought they would just send out new unit to at least replace the blu ray. They said they don't know how it happened. Said they don't sell repackaged or refurbished open items. Asked me if I hooked it up and if it worked. I said no because I didn't order an open box refurbished item, I ordered brand new and simply want a brand new unit to be shipped. They said to open it and plug it in and if it works then no point in sending back. The guy refused to help me, transferred me somewhere else. That guy told me same thing and then said he had to check with his boss. Called me back, basically told me I was lying but they would 'exchange' if I paid for shipping and sent it back. Or they would refund me 20 bucks if I didn't send it back. So now I have to pay to send back a refurbished open box unit. I told them to cancel my order completely and I will send everything back. Of course still have not heard back.

DO NOT BUY from this company. They had good reviews but obviously thought I would not notice the bait and switch. Must be desperate for sales. Extremely extremely rude on the phone.

Buyer beware!
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