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Let me first say that I know that this type of post already exists and I have looked them over, but it doesn't answer my question specifically. I am currently looking at a couple different options as far as LCD tv's go.

1. Panasonic TCL37S1

2. Samsung LN40B550

I think I like the looks of the Samsung much more but I have a very strange concern. I currently have Bell ExpressVu Satellite that is not HD. I fully plan on upgrading to HD in the future, but probably not for a while. You may ask why I would be buying an LCD tv if I wasn't going to upgrade to HD tv right away. I want to be able to play Xbox 360 in HD. I want to be able to watch HD movies.

My problem is this: My Satellite receiver currently only has S-Video output and also RF and RCA outs. The Samsung tv does not have S-Video. Do you think that if I hook up my satellite to my tv with RCA (Red, White, Yellow) that my picture will look terrible. Yes, I know that it will look like crap compared to actually getting an HD receiver, but I just want to make sure that it is not going to look worse that how it does right now on my 27" tube tv. The Panasonic, on paper doesn't look to be as good of tv, but it has S-Video.

Please help me to figure this out. I think that long term the Samsung is probably the better buy, but if my SD tv will look like junk with the current configuration that I have then I might have to reconsider.


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